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  • Adjust your helmet and the one from your companion, it must be firm.

  • Always use both brakes, starting with the front brake (right hand) and then with the rear break (left hand) gently and gradually.

  • In case of rain take cover and wait, only use the rear brake (left hand), gently and gradually.

  • In rough, rocky, and wet surface, lower your speed and break gently and gradually keeping a firm grip in the steering wheel.

  • Try to always use the right slow lane, changing lane only to overtake.

  • The u turns and to the sides, are normally made from the extreme side lane.

  • Always overtake using the left lane, do not mingle amongst the vehicles to overtake, if you are a beginner. Be careful with pedestrians crossing at half the street.

  • Use your mirrors and turn blinkers.

  • Always keep both hands firmly on the wheel and respect the speed limits.

  • Make a full stop in a safe zone to consult your phone.

  • Park your Scuta in perpendicular in relation to the curve in downhills and never use your SCUTA in the beach.

  • Always focused, make sure that other drivers acknowledge your presence and do not drink alcohol or drugs.

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